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"Ironheart" - Short Film

Shot in the fantastic location of DunCarron Medieval Village in Scotland, Ironheart follows the story of "Duncan" a 12th Century sword-smith . A talented craftsman but his slow speech leaves him lacking in confidence and status. His love for his master's daughter, the head-strong "Lady Marjory" seems to be headed only for disaster. With the ruthless "Lord Edward" known as "Ironheart", looking to break his daughter's will, their own mettle will tested over Duncan's anvil.


Written and Directed by Daniel Arbon, this highly ambitious debut film was shot on a very small budget and greatly helped by the support of Clanranald Trust for Scotland.

"Plated" - Short Film

The second short film by Middle Realm and director Daniel Arbon. Plated is an off-beat comedy with an unpredictable twist.


When a burglar breaks into the home of the hapless "Derek" and "Leanne", he seems to have hit the jackpot as Derek unwittingly offers all the whereabouts of hidden jewellery and the family silver. However things aren't all as they seem on the surface and things soon start to go very wrong.

Film in final stages of post-production with an estimated release in early 2018. Will be submitted to a number of film festivals.

"White Feather" - Short Film

Currently in pre-production. "White Feather" is a short story of a WW1 Conscientious Objector. Labelled as a coward and given the white feather treatment upon return from the trenches.