About Us

Middle Realm Productions was established in 2016 by Daniel Arbon, to produce ambitious films

hit the ground running, producing ambitious short films and corporate videos across a range of genres. We are a small team of creatives and freelancers based in Renfrewshire, Scotland and Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire.


We are passionate about producing high quality drama and corporate videos of all shapes and sizes.

Our World

Our world can be breathtaking. Even the most seemingly mundane location can be transformed through the lens. Beauty is everywhere and capturing it on video is an artform. We have a passion for production design, costume and cinematography. Digital camera technology and viewing platforms are advancing fast and bringing an image quality that could only be dreamed of by independant film-makers a few years ago. Combined with the advances in post-production and visual effects, we are thrilled to provide our viewers with filmic quality that used to only be available to big budget productions.

Craig-James Moncur, DoP "Ironheart", with Jacqueline Berces "Marjory"

Daniel Arbon - Director

Our Stories

Humans tell stories, it's what we do. Stories have engaged and captured our thoughts and imaginations since our ancestors first sat around a campfire. We believe strongly that the story is the most important aspect of every film, whether it's a ten second advertisment, a corporate film or a feature blockbuster. It is the human story that grabs the attention of the viewer and it is the story that a viewer remembers. We at Middle Realm are story tellers. Our backgrounds are in Drama, TV, Film and Theatre. We put that passion in to everything we produce.

Daniel, checking the shot.